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Food Production

In food production industry, Microsoft Dynamics AX gives food manufacturers the tools they need to plan for demand, help meet quality and compliance standards, and manage their inventory while maintaining excellent customer service. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand way in food production to create and manage recipes and formulas. With a single screen, users can review and maintain important information about the formula, as well as the individual ingredients.

Food production industry

With robust planning and analysis tools for food production in Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can model and manage an unlimited number of inputs and outputs through a recipe and formula management system. The business intelligence it delivers helps you to make timely adjustments in response to changes in the market and commodity prices. By effectively managing processing of costly ingredients, you can minimize overruns and short runs to reduce waste and meet customer demand in food production industry.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Food Manufacturing:

  • Balance production with demand for greater profitability
  • Help manage safety, quality, and compliance requirements
  • Manage inventory with precision
  • Reduce manufacturing and labour costs
  • Gain insight into costs and process efficiency
  • Enhance connectivity and communication
  • Improve inventory management
  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions
  • Maximize your IT investments

The food production industry benefits in details are as below:

  • Balance production with demand for greater profitability in food manufacturing. Use rebate promotion functionality to drive sales, manage trade promotion spend, compare sales against inventory status to adjust production as needed and eliminate waste by distributing inventory in optimal sequence using shelf life tracking and planning.
  • Help manage safety, quality, and compliance requirements. Document standard processes and track operations to meet detailed regulatory requirements.
  • Manage inventory with precision. Centrally manage co-products and by-products in your formulas and recipes, access inventory status for any item at any time and assign production and overhead costs to formula items and co-products.
  • Reduce manufacturing and labour costs. Monitor operations at a detailed level by keeping a close watch on yields and labour and tracking material usage, and plan production shifts to maximize capacity while maintaining your customer commitments.
  • Gain insight into costs and process efficiency. For food production, understand and manage production schedules, capacity loadings, shop floor activities, and production costs. View up-to-the minute client, contract, and project details for an accurate accounting of profitability.
  • Enhance connectivity and communication. Maintain high production levels and on-time delivery rates by sharing real-time information about specifications, order status, and quality control (QC) testing among key departments and trading partners.
  • Improve inventory management. Create multi-dimensional inventory records and track ingredients throughout the supply chain. With accurate inventory status, you can implement effective recall procedures and maintain complete forward and backward traceability.
  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions. Capitalize on new opportunities as they arise by modelling production capabilities, quickly sharing engineering information, and adjusting product mix for changes in demand.
  • Maximize your IT investments. Tight integration with other Microsoft products extends Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities to help ensure a fast return on investment.


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