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Transportation - Improves customer satisfaction, efficient planning, execution and billing

With us you are ready to meet the everyday challenges in transportation industry of efficient planning, execution and billing. With optimized transportation functions we improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Relying on our transport management functions you are ready to meet the everyday challenges of efficient planning, execution and billing of transportation, to improve customer satisfaction and to unlock new cost reduction opportunities.



Our transport management module uses the ERP system database (MS Dynamics 365 - Finance and Operations (AX)), therefore operates without importing and exporting data: the potential for errors decreases. The scheduler is at the centre of transportation planning: easy to use functions, a clear graphical implementation and comprehensive availability of information allow for fast, optimal utilization of the fleet and the related personnel – for both delivery and pick-up service. Self-propelled rentals can also be processed. The Identification of shortages and the decision between own or subcontractor transportation are facilitated.

The following parameters can be included in the planning process:

• Working periods and rest periods for drivers, remaining shift and driving time
• Suitable delivery dates and time slots per customer site
• Loading and unloading times
• Vehicle restrictions such as loading capacities and necessary qualifications
• hazardous goods and individual personnel qualifications

Transportation planning for delivery and pickup service is made easier thanks to graphical support for the parallel scheduling of several trips as well as route optimization directly on the map integrated in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 or Dynamics 365 - Finance and Operations. Route planning is based on components with highly accurate and high-resolution maps. The exact calculation of transportation costs with road pricing not only ensures control of your own costs, but also improves the transparency of customer billing. This leads to greater customer satisfaction, especially when delivery dates and time slots are also met.


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Services Provided

  • D365FO Support
  • D365FO Customizations
  • SuiteCRM Implementation
  • Ticketing System Implementation
  • Website Development/Design
  • Odoo ERP Implementation