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Oil and Gas

With the unique challenges you face as a company or supplier in the oil and gas industry (sudden changes in business cycles, volatile crude oil prices, intense competition, overburdening regulation, etc.), it's crucial to have a business process management system in place that can optimize all functions within your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly Dynamics AX) is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution for optimizing processes and increasing profitability. It is a flexible system with the ability to meet the specific business requirements of your company, whether you operate upstream, midstream or downstream, or are a rental company that provides equipment to the oil & gas industry.

Our solutions, which are fully embedded into Dynamics 365 for Operations, cover all of the core functional business requirements and processes of service providers and rental companies in the oil and gas business (i.e. rental of trucks, rigs, mats, pumps, power generators, etc.).

The Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • One solution with comprehensive functionality that covers all components of your oil & gas business
  • A flexible solution which can be configured to fit your company's specific needs
  • Manage multiple languages, currencies & country reporting requirements
  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs & minimize errors by automating previously manual processes
  • Shorter billing cycles by integrating field tickets with invoicing
  • Manage growth and expansion more effectively
  • Information available in real-time
  • Greater visibility into your business
  • A Tier One solution at a lower price and with shorter implementation times

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an optimal solution for:

  • Upstream sector: Exploration, extraction, field development & production companies
  • Midstream sector: Transportation, storage & distribution companies
  • Downstream sector: Refining, processing/purifying, retail & wholesale companies

Our solutions, fully embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365, are optimal solutions for:
Service providers and rental companies of equipment for the oil and gas industry:

  • Rigs & Platforms
  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Mats
  • Pumps & Tanks
  • Portable Generators
  • Pressure Washers
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Modular Buildings
  • Containers


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Services Provided

  • D365FO Support
  • D365FO Customizations
  • SuiteCRM Implementation
  • Ticketing System Implementation
  • Website Development/Design
  • Odoo ERP Implementation